Interaction Design | Industrial Design | User Interface Design


Design Research | Prototyping | Wireframing


Design Language: Material Design

Graphics: Photoshop and Illustrator

Prototyping: Sketch, Rhinoceros, 3D Printing

Team: Chip Dong Lim, Daniel Galan and Rocky Langsy

Project time: 6 weeks


Allergies can quickly become fatal.

The unexpected triggers of allergies together with the complexity of school health services can hinder a timely medical response.

Anaphylaxis : it stands for severe allergic reaction. Foods, medicine, animals, many things trigger allergies.

In the United States, about six million children suffer from food allergies. It's about 2/4 of the population in New York city.

1 in 4 of those children will have their first anaphylaxis at school; however, over 50% of school don’t have a full time nurse

Still, allergies are the second most critical emergency. 

Every 6 minutes, a child arrives at an hospital or emergency unit because of allergies.

A system like AIBI would greatly facilitate the exchange of information between school staff, medicine application expertise, and allergic children to successfully stop severe allergies on its tracks.



By measuring histamine levels, blood pressure, and sweat, it can be determined if a child is having an allergic reaction.

The AIBI app is layered on top of the mobile emergency alert infrastructure to alert the school staff about allergy emergencies, and give timely indications.

Check out the walk through video to AIBI