Disciplines: Interaction Design | Industrial Design | IoT Design

Skills: Programming, Hand sketching, Lo-Res prototyping, Laser Cutting, Video storytelling

Media: Photoshop, Illustrator, Arduino, Final Cut

Team: Chip Lim Dong and Daniel Galan

Project Time: 4 weeks

The single most important takeaway in this project was the experience of combining multiple disciplines to materialize a concept.

If Plants Asked Humans to Water Them

Orchids can have very particular watering schedules where as basil needs to be watered about once a week.

By programming watering schedules and reminders, Plantarduino can be of help to humans in learning the watering needs for different plants.

Plant caring via internet or social media. 

Plantarduino started as an exercise to get more understanding on how electronics and some very personal aspects of life are intertwined.

With Arduino controls on social media platfroms, Plantarduino would help humans take care of their plants when away.

The plant owner would send a help request to friends via Tumblr or Facebook asking them to watch and water his plant.

They would interact with the plant via social media or a dedicated phone application.



Notes on concept, form explorations, assembly and flow diagrams

Chip's proficiency  in coding and my aptitude in industrial design paired up successfully for this project.  

The approach was to come up with a desired functionality first, identify the main components that would make the concept real and then acquire the materials to build it.

We had to create custom parts to adapt the water valve to the motor that would open the water flow. Code

2014-05-13 12.41.24.jpg

Some of the most difficult challenges were dealing with acrylic, water, and many small electronic components; creating many prototypes was key to make all parts fit. 

In the end, it was a rewarding challenge!